CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.08 Released

February 28, 2013

RazorX has updated his CFW Eboot/PKG resigner app today. This app basically fixes those eboots that worked on 3.55/3.41 but not on 4.x CFW.

To quote:

Hey guys i got a very simple very noob proof app for you i’ve put together, very simply all you do is put an EBOOT.BIN or PKG into the same folder as the app then launch it and you can select from:

  • Main Menu:
  • Eboot Menu
  • Package Menu
  • Eboot Menu
  • CFW 3.40 EBOOT
  • CFW 3.55 EBOOT
  • CFW 3.60 EBOOT
  • CFW 4.20 EBOOT
  • CFW 4.30 EBOOT
  • Package Menu:
  • Unpack PKG
  • Repack PKG
  • Create PKG
  • ContentID
  • PKG Type:
  • Games/Homebrew
  • Game Data
  • PS1 Game
  • Minis

Then the app will do the rest very simple very easy very fast and an all-in-one application.


removed some uneeded code and cleaned up some others.
tidied up some of the info screens to make them more clear and easy to understand.
removed timeouts to speed up the process.
fixed issue with exiting app after unpacking pkg, resigning eboot then repacking pkg.
fixed exiting app not removing some of the files.


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