CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner v1.15

March 12, 2013

RazorX has been hard at work on his CFW Eboot/PKG resigner app, and has released another update to the masses. This latest update includes various new updates, and fixes.


removed first param editor screen since you have the option on the screen that follows it anyway.
updated tools.
when resigning an eboot it will automatically change the ps3 system version in the param.sfo if it exists in the root folder with the eboot.
when unpacking a mini, ps1 or ps2 game instead of having to then goto repack pkg it will do it automatically after you have unpacked it.
setup automatic retrieval of the title id from the content id itself so if the title id is wrong or you are doing a ps1 game were the title id is always different and prevents you from repacking it will automatically replace it for you so by the time you get to the info screen that tells you the games content id and title id for you to check it will have been changed to match the content id.


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