cfwprophet releases Unofficial MFW Builder v0.3

January 19, 2013

MFW Builder has been around for a while and so far things are good.  Recently the developer cfwprophet updated the MFW Builder and brought it up to version 0.2.3 bringing us more and more features as development of his MFW Builder goes on. Today cfwprophet has released the unofficial release of version 0.3 and has brought us more features yet again. Have a read of the change log below to find out just what he’s gone and done now.

Finally I decided to give that unofficial release the version v0.3 in case of the massive changes to MFW Builder. We have now 4.xx FW support and therefore I added a lot of new things and apps’s, like new_pkg which also generate a spkg matching with the input pkg. I removed self_rebuilder and added scetool to decrypt SELF’s and to rebuild the SELF’s.

For the last option I coded my own routine which checks the input SELF and sets up the correct variables to use with scetool. Then we have a new script to auto generate predefined MFW/CFW-‘s like the public released one’s. To make MFW Builder a bit more secure for the avarage end user I added a SHA1 checksum test on the input PUP which can also be disabled per option for the more advanced user.

And dev’s which maybe plan to release there next CFW via script for MFW Builder can enable a hidden option in the file ‘mfw’ to add a new SHA1 checksum of the input PUP to the db.xml. So they also can use there old CFW as input and only apply the new changes to it. So dev’s don’t need to share copyright protected stuff and the end user don’t need to download a 200MB file every time or for every CFW and/or store more then 1 OFW on his PC.

And thats even not all what is new. I will continue working on MFW to make it an even more usefull tool then it allread y is right now.


Big THX to and Anonymous Developers (Code Monkeys) for this great tool.


This is an update to the earlier version not a full release just copy the content of the .rar into the templat dir of your already installed mfw builder


Source   via github / cfwprpht Download

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