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October 20, 2012

Once a year, a charity by the name of Extra Life acquire the help of numerous courageous gamers of various ages, locations and gaming origins to raise money in the name of charity in their locale.

This year, I will be partaking in such an event.  I will be gaming for 24 hours to help raise money for the Westmead Children’s Hospital in Australia.

I realise this is all rather vague from the first two paragraphs, so if you wish to learn more about this event you can read up here.

What I am asking of the DashHacks community, is only something small, and very simple.  I will be live streaming my entire 24 hour gaming marathon over the course of today, from 8am UTC+11 on the 20th of October to 8am UTC+11 on the 21st of October in the name of this charity and my local hospital.  If any of you can, donations are greatly appreciated.

To donate to such an awesome cause, all you need to do is one of two things.  Either donate directly to the charity at my fundraising page here, or tune in to my live stream over at my YouTube channel.  As I get paid for YouTube videos, any revenue I make from this live stream will be donated, so just watching will be contributing to this donation!

I’m pretty sure we are all gamers here at DashHacks, so even just watching me play games and commentate will be (hopefully) entertaining!  Anyway!  Donations would be incredible, it’s for a great cause, and there is more than one way to donate.  Thanks in advance to those who tune in or donate!

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