Charles and Fiddler2 Proxies are now blocked.

February 1, 2013

Some people have reported that they are having issues with Charles or Fiddler 2 Proxies, and sadly both are now blocked. This means, that if you wish to download from PSN, play games online or use the messaging features then you will need to upgrade to the latest OFW.

I highly recommend that you do not do this as all the previous kexploits have been blocked, and it seems that in that sense we are back to square one with regards to our Vitas.

Tomtomdu80 has said that he intends on releasing his VHBL port with the “next meaningful OFW”. This likely means that it won’t be released on 2.05. Please note that his is a usermode exploit, and therefore will not be able to run backups of PSP commercial games.

Many people are probably going to complain that there are no public kexploit releases planned for a period, however we have had many Kexploits given to us at no cost what so ever over the last few months which makes us incredibly lucky (and pretty spoiled too). People who followed the early stages of the PSP scene would probably agree with me that they would have killed for a kexploit within a year more so the amount we’ve had. In all, it’s a pretty positive thing as it is completely piracy-free.

So, to summarize  All proxy methods are blocked and  if you are already on 2.02 or below then do not update if you wish to be able to play PSP backups on your Vita. If you have recently bought a Vita or have updated purposely or accidentally then you will need to wait for the next port of VHBL.

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