Cheat On Your Games With This

April 14, 2012

Are games just not kicking it for you? Looking for something new? Well, here’s something where you can cheat on your games with.

For those hanging onto custom firmware, you cancheat your way through your games, whenever you’re playing. Developer BahumatLord has released a small update to his Custom Cheat Package Disc.

The new update allows you to view information regarding a selected cheat package. Now with this, you won’t be activating “Riot Mode” in those GTA games, just to see what it does. Some cheat packages will leave an icon on the XMB, in which you are to load the game from, after going through multiMAN.

To install the update, just extract the contents to the PS3_EXTRA folder and overwrite everything. You can snatch up everything below.

Source: PSX-Scene

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