Chilling Out With Fan Control Utility v1

May 7, 2013

Following up on the first release of this handy application, for custom firmware PS3’s, comes an update from Estwald. Fan Control Utility, an app that increases the systems fan speed when temps are high, has been updated to version 1. Developer Estwald has addressed a bug that caused the console to hang. Another addition, for those who might want to test this app, introduces compatibility to more custom firmware versions. Namely 3.41, 3.55, 4.21 and 4.30. There is more that can be found in the translation below and once again I will warn that this is a rough translate via Google so some info can be lost in translation. 


A little late, but I just uploaded version 1.0

First, I found a bug in the payload, by a jump I deleted and without realizing what he was doing was that if he found the flag “IN_USE” post, deactivated when leaving (which can cause the console that hang when accessing the user RAM writing, is otherwise engaged not to write)

Between that and now I have slightly modified the “message” of the event to test, I have been working as eight hours, many of them in a game I petó a few minutes with version 0.3 (and that gave him more time for the event) and now looks perfect.

To try to reduce the impact of the temperature reading, I duplicated the time of the readings, since it is not anything to lengthen it happens a little more.

On the other hand, I have taken the trouble to find the patches for 3.41, 3.55. 4.21 and 4.30 also. I hope I was not mistaken in some, there are many to seek [+risas]

I have also changed the theme video, full screen setting, see if any of your TVs is pijotera with the signal, adjusting text coordinates to avoid as far as possible, that “I eat” part of the text according to television (on mine to 1:1 edge looks, but to 16:9, for example, the letters are stuck to the left, some video modes do they have: “eat” a piece of the screen to prevent those edges on devices that generate them). I’ve added a background color to have “consistency” as there are some devices that do not get along with the black backgrounds (eg tube)

In mode 2, I have the possibility that if you press START, creates a file that remembers the last set speed, to keep them, to walk fixing it each time (now simply change mode)

And now let’s go by parts:

Let the peleitas, please: that each console refrigerate how he pleases.

Mode 2 is not for tomároslo lightly and I will put an example: as temperatures have risen, I have the TV, the PS3 and PC, you do not exactly cool. yes that during the time I’ve been playing with the payload, have exceeded 70 ° several times and for a while. When that happens, between speed 0x70 and if you reach 72, the 0x78 until reaching 75 ° (and hence skip the last speed 0xA0 is not high, but it is more than enough to cool the console with a good noise XD )

Well, when I left I returned directly to the application and showed me 63 º C on the CPU and 55 ° C in the RSX, because when you stop working at top, the temperature drops rapidly and if the speed is not slow.

The problem is that reaching those temperatures, 0x60 and 0x68 indicates that not enough at that time to keep the temperature below 70 degrees, plain and simple.

So I repeat, Mode 2 is for situations where you really have no other choice, but it would be advisable that before, probarais in some extreme situations, such as responding to the temperatures the payload to the application.

Note that if I had thought to Mode 2 and a high average speed, enough, I would not have bothered to make a payload (or polish everything I can, as I am doing) in order to monitor temperatures and make adjustments based on them.

Oh and by the way: not a “bug” that the application does not let you out at a rate below the minimum safe I consider Mode 2 (if it is explained in the first post XD ). And by the way, do not think it’s a “bug” the black screen when my never happened that XD : Will anything of your TVs, but good [+risas] (If indeed any has already said that with the SLIM had no problems, but the compiler bug that happened today one thing rarer than a green dog)

Let me know that you are such changes.

Download: Fan Control Utility v1.0

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