China an unexplored land for PS3: Rare SKU with also rare specs, Foxconn involved? Console ban Update.

November 2, 2012

Well i never believe on Kotaku sources but this one about PS3 draw my attention.

You know how China works and their *twisted* ways (sorry if this result offensive) to BAN products like sony ones and nintendo too.
Funny fact tough..all that’s illegal is manufactured IN CHINA labeled and sold like something *cool* to buy, plus violating any possible law that exists on other Countries. I can start to spout or remark certain *articles* but will be useless, also the biggest PS3 manufacturer is CHINA. (Some BIG paradox we have here).

But now things seems to start to change (a bit) all starts on year 2K (or 2000) with a ban spanning, the reasons of this bans (not console ban like online ban) but the product itself  has NO official support on there.

To quote:

Video game consoles are available throughout China. Officially, they are banned. But that might be changing. According to this China Compulsory Certificate document (via Sina Weibo and TechinAsia), Sony was issued a compulsory safety mark necessary to sell products in China.

The document originally surfaced on Chinese social networking sites, but can be searched in the official China Quality Certification site (Chinese language).

Don’t take this as confirmation that the PS3 is definitely launching in China. It is an important step, however.

China has long had a ban on the sale of video game consoles, a ban spanning back to the year 2000. The full reasons for such a ban is heavily debated amongst pundits, but the official reasons were along the lines to protect Chinese youth from wasting away playing video games. Kotaku has a published articles about China’s gaming ban.

Many domestic companies have tried to skirt around the console ban by marketing their products as something more than just video games but due to the prevalent gray market sales of mainstream video game consoles these products often flounder. The Lenovo backed CT-510 was one example.

While China does have a ban on consoles, this didn’t exactly stop all international players from releasing consoles legally in China. Nintendo released plug and play controllers with Nintendo games as well as the core of it’s mobile systems in China through a joint venture with a Chinese partner called iQue. Sony had released the original PS2 in China under the guise of it as a computer.

What’s most interesting about the Chinese PS3 right now is that the models carry model numbers that do no adhere to the traditional markets, as well as power specifications for China. The model number at question is “CECH-3012B :220-240VAC 50/60Hz 0.9A”. Further analysis of the application forms for the CCC shows that this PlayStation was manufactured and produced by Hongfujing Precision Electronics located in Yantai. Hongfujing is a subsidiary of Foxconn.

All of this seems to coincide with Sony’s establishment of a Sony Computer Entertainment company in Guangzhou, Sony SCE GD in June of this year. The application and issuance of the CCC for the PlayStation 3 was approved in July. If everything goes according to plan, the PS3 might actually go on sale in China by early 2013.

The *disturbing* part is that this *rare* model is being manufactured and produced by a Foxconn subsidiary. Also the Official Console BAN as well the official reason = To protect Chinese youth from wasting away playing video games. I can agree on some part with that if you 24/7 playing…but on the other hand you have on some regions of China, guess what? =  Military service.

To quote:

Every Chinese citizen, both male and female, who attend further education are required to attend a military training period of around 20 days as a part of a military education.

So probably many of those kids, ergo *Youth* maybe have the chance of their lifetime to experience a real FPS with real guns. Don’t know if it’s funny or not but jokes aside..the console has a BAN on it commercialy speaking but China it’s the top manufacturer of the world, which *sadly* has no official support on their own country.


What is China’s compulsory safety mark = Click here

What all of this means? =  That they CAN manufacture PS3 systems but in *legal* terms (that’s one of the reasons of the BAN)  they are NOT allowed to SELL them on their own Country. So like happened to PS2 that was *diguised* as personal computer in order to sell it they *avoid* the law labeling the product like it’s something else, obviosly at HIGHER prices than usual being only available on the greymarket.

To quote:

Currently, the PS3 are only available through the grey market, which often being priced higher than the official. The removal of the ban might mean Chinese consumers can buy the consoles through official retail channels for a cheaper price. Other than that, it will start to have PS3 games from China, since most of the popular PS3 games on the market are either Japanese version or Korean version. Sony will have a massive load of works of localizing its consoles for the Chinese market, such as how PlayStation Network account works with the local banks in China, if it can successfully grant all the approvals in China.

An example of how this works:

Earlier this year, Beijing eedoo (a video gaming unit which invested by Lenovo)  tried to skirt around the console ban by labelling  products as a “home entertainment device” instead of merely a “gaming console”. Lenovo’s case might have opened a path for game console markers accessed to the Chinese market.


However is still unclear if the BAN was lifted by the Chinese authorities since i checked many sources and some say YES, another NO, others partially and others that this whole *issue* is on progress.

[Source] =Micgadget via Kotaku

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