Cinavia Remover Tools RC1 for all CFW [ECX] 4.3x / 4.xx

August 7, 2013

Thanks to @Simonbuck for this one ;)

Here is a homebrew that will allow you to remove DRM protection Cinavia as simply as possible and it will also allow you to restore the Cinavia DRM protection if you want.

So, no need to include this function in a CFW with this homebrew to do it for you quickly.


Removes DRM Cinavia protection and restoration allows it if you wish.

Compatible CFW [ECX] 4.30 / 4.31 / 4.40 / 4.41 / 4.46

Not compatible Cobra CFW / CFW DEX / D-REX /


Copy the package to a USB drive formatted in fat32

Connect the device to the console and install the package via “install_package_file”

Then run the homebrew from this icon in the game column of XMB

Choose from the main menu:

Remove or Restore Cinavia DRM Protection

Then confirm again your choice and follow the instructions. (Basically always put YES to restart the console)





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