Cobra multiMAN 04.02.00 Available

February 28, 2012

So you like playing games right? Thought so. The Cobra team has released yet another update to make sifting through your collection even faster and more enjoyable. (And more “show offy” if you’re that type of person)

The update adds a display mode dubbed Top Media Bar which sports a design similar to the XMB. It replaces the previous “Box Art” display and is still capable of showing the usual goodies such as cover art and a matching background. The Top Media Bar display also comes with four color schemes to suit your fancy.

On the performance side, there has been speed improvements while copying files and the backup manager now uses 10 MB more of memory. Other than that, you can long press the “Cancel” button to exit to the XMB.

You can snatch up the latest multiMAN to satisfy your pleasures from Cobra’s site below.

Source: Cobra USB

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