Cobra MultiMAN v04.01.01 Released

February 9, 2012

The Cobra USB team has pushed out a new update to their modified multiMAN backup manager. It’s available for download but only if we can pull you away long enough from streaming your games in order to do so. Besides, you might want to, as this update packs several new additions to the network streaming feature.

With the new update, you can rip ISOs and movies directly from the PS3 to the remote computer. The opposite doubles for package files that reside on the PC. On top of that, a new Network Device entry can be found under each category in which files can be loaded. Finally, ROMs and thumbnails for each supported image format can now be loaded from a remote computer.

Bugfixes wise, multiMAN will no longer freeze up [on your foaming] and split ISO files will properly be saved. Finally, spoof support for firmware 4.10 has been added.

As always, you can grab the latest updates from the Cobra USB website.

Source: Cobra USB

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