Cobra ODE : installation tutorial, configuration and review

September 6, 2013

The Guys over at LogicSunrise have just posted an installation guide and review and Video of the Cobra ODE on a Super Slim, where it is explained in detail all the steps to follow for proper installation and howto deal with the removal of the four elements (with a small pair of tweezers) and soldering the QSB .

Just arrived in the office in the late afternoon, I quickly wanted to test one of the most expected products of the year : the Cobra ODE. The team has sent us a sample for test, I took myself to complete a tutorial on a SuperSlim console. As a reminder, only SuperSlim version and some Slim versions require some welding points. For FAT and other Slim, only ribbon cables connections will be required.

Regarding its use, it is quiet simple. It goes fast, and it works perfectly. This is a product that I recommend to anyone with a PS3 wishing ODE. The application Genps3iso will convert in a few minutes your downloaded games, and they will be launched without any trouble. Available in a few days, pre-orders are available on the LSstore for a price of 88,00€.

The Cobra ODE is a great product that I recommend personally. The team is responsive, their product is compatible with all consoles, and above all it works superbly well. After the delicate installation of the QSB on SuperSlim and, sometimes unnecessarily long ribbon cables, and a rear USB PCB which does not fit very well, you can run to grab it !!!… In short, Congratulations team Cobra !

+ Compatible with all versions of consoles without any adapter
+ It works PERFECTLY !!!!!
+ It is (with the 3k3y) the most wanted products !
+ Easy ISO conversion of games, without patch or anything else.

– Not so easy installation on SuperSlim/
– The ribbons cables are slightly too long. They are a little bit difficult to hide
– Rear PCB difficult to fit on the console

LS Rate : 9/10

– Cobra ODE available on the LSstore at this address
– Access to tutorial : Disassemble the PS3 SuperSlim
– Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : installation on PS3 SuperSlim
– Access to tutorial : Cobra ODE : settings and ISO launching

*FAT and Slim assembling tutorials are on the way.

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