Cobra ODE Mainboard Pictures Released:

April 5, 2013

Thanks to @Nicolas19 and i will not mention the other user for obvious reasons but thanks too. Hence we know the other thread will turn into some kind of Hurricane of drama in less than 2 days.

For all those haters that NEVER believed on Cobra’s ODE good intentions. Here you have some proof of their work so far. Stay tunned for more REAL news and s-mods that write PlayStation (With S on Caps because we are damn serious about this) also if you spot Waldo on this High resolution you get one year of PSN access without ANY kind of risk of getting banned from Live.

The first pictures of the Cobra ODE has finally been released

04/04/2013 Cobra ODE Hardware – Main Board pictures

(Click to view super-high-res version, too see all the complex detail)

We’re pleased to present pictures of the final Cobra ODE hardware – Main PCB assembly.

As you can see there are two switches which enable configuration of PATA (FAT consoles)/SATA (FAT CECHL consoles) and 2k,2k5k,3k and 4k series slim and super slim consoles.

Cobra ODE is the first truly universal PS3 ODE bringing maximum convenience to end users and resellers alike.

As you can see we’ve designed everything to be connected via FFC cables directly between ODE and console or console, ODE and daughter boards in the case of the 2k5,3k and 4k series consoles.

A great deal of effort and time has been put into designing a system with best performance and maximum convenience for installation.

We’re working hard on the finalization of the software, stay tuned for further information….


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