Cobra ODE: tutorials installed on PATA and SATA PS3 Fat and Slim 2k of the Cobra ODE

September 8, 2013

Following on from my previous post about installing Cobra on the Super Slim HERE…. here are some others

After completing the review of the Cobra ODE, the installation tutorial on SuperSlim and the user guide, I sent to the Cobra Blakcat ODE so that the following happens. This has now been done since the tutorials for PS3 Fat PATA / SATA consoles, and Slim 2k are now online. It also confirms that the same Cobra ODE can be used in multiple consoles without the blocked first in which it was installed.The tutorial Slim 25K and 3K will also happen. 

Access tutorial:  Cobra ODE: Install on PS3 Fat (PATA version) 

Access to the tutorial:  Cobra ODE: Install on PS3 Fat ( SATA Version) –

Go to the tutorial:  Cobra ODE: Installing PS3 Slim (2k) –

Access to the tutorial: Cobra ODE: Installing PS3 SuperSlim –

Access tutorial: Cobra ODE: Configure and launch an ISO

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