Coldbird comes back to clarify some details on ARK, the leak & Team PRO

December 27, 2012

After my article regarding the Vita’s eCFW ARK some details were missing but Coldbird has decided to step out and help us clarify some information including that ARK is indeed his work as well as some other big news.

To quote Coldbird directly (source) :

Some people over at Wololo’s place have been wondering whether the showcased VF Vita CFW Video was the CFW I’ve been working on. To put it short, yes it is. Project Ark (initially PRO-Vita) has been a joint collaboration of multiple big personalities of the scene. However, as I’ve not queried the other team members for permission to post their names just yet, I will only name those which are already obvious to the open eye, namely me (Coldbird) and Virtuous Flame. (Should any other people want to get mentioned, please contact me, you know how to find me.) I want to put big importance into the fact that this project is a collaboration and that everyone that took part in it deserves to label himself a valuable member to Team PRO.

Rolling up the events of the recent past, namely the leak of the Project Prototype which forced me to leave the scene, was caused by multiple people, some trustworthy – some not so trustworthy – some made of pure evil. One of those people involved in the leak, tricked through social engineering to leak the Prototype, was frostegater, a person initially part of the well known TN-Camp. While its impossible to make up for the part he played in the leaking events, I and the core members of Team PRO decided that it was best to work towards uniting the scene, rather than stirring flames of war, which lead to frostegater being accepted as one of our Core-Team members (with him, we are now 5). Even though he’s the newest member of the Core-Team I’m very positive his contributions in the future will be of big use to the team and, obviously, also to you, the Enduser.

As for Project Ark release dates, no information available at the moment…However the code is complete, fully functional and out beats that of TN-CEF by far (sadly, even the Prototypes beat TN-CEF by far). The reason this ain’t out yet is simple, this is a collaborative project and we are a democratic team where every core member gets a equal vote in what we are meant to do. The vote for when and how (and also – if) to release this project is still pending.

I wish all of you (even if a bit late for xmas) – a relaxing, calm and happy Christmas Holidays, as well as a good slide into the new year 2013. Maya my a** – we are still here.

Greetings, Coldbird.

So there you are, people. project ARK, an eCFW that (according to its authors) beats TN’s CEF in terms of performance and compatibility, might or might not be released soon, and this is still being debated among its creators. Are you as excited as we are?

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