Coldbird is Coming Back, Team PRO and TN Put Differences Aside, PSX Sound Coming!

May 13, 2013

Well, we have some rather exciting news to share!

Shortly after the Vita scene drama that went down awhile back, developer Coldbird decided to depart the scene with no inclination on coming back. However some behind the scenes work and other factors have not only changed this but will spawn a new partnership; bringing the long and highly requested PSX sound compatibility for the Vita (some time soon, patience is of virtue) and increase in functionality.

Coldbird will be coming back in some form soon however due to having a life (crazy right?!?) and being busy like every developer out there, it’ll be some months before we see him. Basically, in the mean time Team PRO and TN have put aside their differences to finally work together to provide new things. As you may know sound for PSX was non existent due to Coldbird leaving the scene and his plugin that enabled sound (while functional yet extremely buggy and not ready for the public) as a casualty, ended up being left behind. Now with a clean table, they’ve decided to exchange code and the sound plugin is in the hands of TN to polish in the mean time until Coldbird’s return.

Below you can find Coldbirds official statement which explains everything currently and will elaborate on the subject matter more.

 ”Just wanted to give you guys a little heads-up on whats going on here.

The reason I’m writing this is because lately I’ve seen an increased flow of donations coming in for Team PRO, I thank you guys deeply for that and think that you guys deserve to be kept up to date.

Lets start with the saucy parts shall we?

Our fellow teammate Yosh, aka. wth has been busy at work analyzing latest Vita Firmwares, trying to figure out how they work and porting Ark to those.

As some of you might have noticed he also was nice enough to provide Builds for all kind of different Game Exploits we had sitting in our code repository for a while, I hope you guys enjoy that.

So lets cheer on Yosh, as (due to reallife being very busy at the moment) he is the most active member of our team at the moment… poor Liquidzigong (Hrimfaxi) and me are kinda knocked out with 24/7 jobs here… :(

I’ve also seen a increased interest in PRO Online and its future on both my Youtube Channel and personal messages and even donations coming my way.

Everyone that is concerned about its future, remain calm, its not dead and I will continue updating it after I’m done with my 3-job-setup here… (yes, right now I’ve got 3 jobs… 5 days at one, 1 day at another and yet 1 day at another one… the 24/7 part was no joke).

Sadly, due to contracts and laws I’m bound to this 3-job-lifestyle for another 5 months… so I hope you guys can sit tight and wait for me until then?

On yet another frontier, here is some TN news; All of you have been monitoring the whole TN-V and ARK Business out there and this has been especially interesting on the PSX on Vita part…

TN and our team have finally cleaned the table and put our differences aside sharing our code bases with each other in the hope of providing diversity without having to sacrifice functionality.

Many people have seen my proof of concept PSX sound video on Youtube and in my absence I’ve put the code into TN’s capable hands, hoping that he can polish it while I’m unavailable.

Either way, back to work for me…

~Greetings, Coldbird

Well there you have it, more progress and support being made contrary to most people’s belief that the scene is completely dead. Hopefully this leads to greater advancements now that these two forces are working together. Stay tuned for more information, as always. Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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