Come Back From The Past: RetroArch Released

February 18, 2013

Themaister and Squarepusher has a new version of RetroArch, the multiplatform emulator for PS3 (and other) consoles. With version available, it adds Famicom Disk System support and support for various controllers. Here’s the full changelog addressing the changes for this release of RetroArch.

  • [NEStopia] Famicom Disk System support. For Android users – put disksys.rom into the same folder as the FDS ROM you’re trying to load. For everyone else – put disksys.rom into your system directory.

    • Y Button will switch sides of a disk.
    • If you get any problems of the sort DISK A / B ERR 07′ – pressing Y button again or letting it run its course should do it.
    • NOTE – Famicom Disk System loading is slow, so you might be tempted to fast forward through most of it. However, I’d advise caution when doing so and to savestate regularly in case ‘fast forwarding’ can negatively affect disk loading.
  • [FBA core] Various changes/fixes

    • Hook up Eco Fighters controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons)
    • Hook up Pnickie controls (Turn 1/Turn 2 bound to L and R buttons – press one of the buttons to progress beyond start screen)
    • Hook up Continental Circus controls – Brake 2/Brake 3 (L1/L2 buttons) and Accelerate 2/Accelerate 3 (R1/R2 buttons)
    • Hook up Gun Smoke controls – Start button (needed to progress beyond title screen)
    • Hook up Mighty Pang controls (P1 Shot1/P1 Shot2/P2 Shot1/P2 Shot2)
    • Fixed Varia Metal palette
    • Fixed Fairyland Story palette
    • Fixed Return of the Invaders palette
    • Fixed Act-Fancer palette issue
    • Endian fixes in the following games (PS3/360/Wii/Gamecube)
      • Surprise Attack
      • Rollergames
      • Ultra Man
      • Oh My Gods
      • Moonwalker (Sega System 18 bootleg) [magicseb]
      • Hyper Pac
      • Snow Bros 1
      • Honey Dolls
    • Fixes pitch issue in Gals Hustle (will possibly fix more games as well)
  • [FBA core] Made FBA Cores CPS1 – use this to play CPS1 games (all CPS1 ROMs fit into memory on Gamecube).
  • [Unzipping [All consoles/Android]] Moved from rzlib to miniz/minizip -should increase compatibility with ZIP archives

You can grab the latest version of RetroArch below.


Download: RetroArch [CEX | DEX]


Source: @Libretro

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