Comgenie’s Awesome Filemanger For CFW 4.21

October 24, 2012

It has been a long time since I heard of this PlayStation 3 developer. Must have been one of the first PS3 apps I installed way back when CFW 3.55 was released.Comgenie is back and releases Comgenie’s Awesome Filemanger for those running custom firmware 4.21. This file manager, which is still installed on my custom firmware 3.55 PS3, has always been a useful application to me. Version 0.06 has been tested on Rogero CEX CFW 4.21.


Be sure to see a wave of PlayStation 3 homebrew and applications been updated for these new custom firmwares. And for those who have not updated yet, please note the warning linked above about PS3′s bricking.

Changelog: 0.06 for 4.21!

  • The most awesome filemanager is now available for the 4.21 CFW!
  • 4.21 CFW is required (Tested with Rogero CEX-4.21 CFW)

Download: Comgenie’s Awesome Filemanger v0.06 (CFW4.21)

Source: Comgenie

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