Complete NAND PS3 CEX-TO-DEX Guide (by CaptainCPS-X)

July 21, 2012

PS3Hax member CaptainCPS-X, brings us an awesome, clear, and easy to understand/follow tutorial for anyone wishing to attempt the CEX to DEX conversion method.

This guide is for NAND PS3 models only. I have done every step on my CECHE01 NAND PS3 console. And everything went well. Please don’t skip any step, and read very carefully. If you don’t read English very well, don’t use Google Translate, or any other tool, you could end up bricking your PS3.

UPDATE: This guide has verified and updated information, the one I included as a text file in the RAR package should be used only as reference, consult this guide “online” for precise information.

[View full tutorial here]
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