Consumer Alert from SONY regarding illegal PSN access: Survival of the clever ones.

November 13, 2012

Sony wants you dead that’s for sure. They will *shoot* any illegal alien trying to get INTO PSN, they already noticed that while ago (nothing new on that) but they saw the gap and now holding some kind of *Evidence* it’s payback time.

So if you are clever enough, i assume you will play by the rules (AKA = TOS) or you will face serious consequences, like getting banned? or worst! TERMINATED.
Jokes aside: Watch it and this is an official WARNING from them.

To quote:

Today(Nov,13th) SCEJ posted an announcement regarding recent PSN access from CFW users, warning that consumers must immediately cease using and delete all unauthorized or pirated software from their PS3 or face the risk of having their access to PSN permanently terminated and their warranty voided.

A similar announcement also appears on US and other regional playstation websites.


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