Content On PS Vita Without Updating, Using Proxy, or a PS3

March 28, 2014

This is a method for those of you who want either an exploitable or any game for your PS Vita, but have issues with proxies, don’t have a PS3, and/or don’t want to update. I originally saw it here, but it was removed by the user. Then, I saw it here. This method can be used to acquire any of these unpatched exploit games.

Here is what you will need:

  • PS Vita on FW 2.60+
  • PSN Account
  • Computer (or anything capable of accessing your PSN account that is not a PlayStation console)

How it’s done

Fully power off your PS Vita. On your computer, navigate to the Sony PSN Store. Log in to your account.

If you haven’t bought the game that you want, do that. Next, hover over your PSN name and click on “Download List”.

Once at your download list, click “Download to your PS Vita” on the game that you want.

Just to be sure that your game will download, at the top of your page click “Download Queue”.

Turn on your PS Vita and wait for the spinny circle on your notification bubble. If you wait a while and nothing happens, restart your Vita and it should work. You now have a game on your PS Vita without updating or any of the previous hassle.

Kind of related, but I would recommend pondering this video:

That’s all for now from me, The Jay Doctor. I was actually going to write about this, then saw that salvador34 had. Credits to him because I ended up using his tutorial for reference. Use the comments, and if you’d like, you can contact/follow me on Twitter @The_Jay_Doctor

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