Converted Your PS3 To A Debug Machine? Here’s How To Get 3.6+ Backups Working

July 19, 2012

If you were one of the brave souls to convert their PS3 machine from retail to debug, then you may be in for an unexpected treat. An anonymous developer has released a method of playing games requiring firmware 3.60 and higher. As with anything else however, there is one small catch.

There’s a setting within the Debug Settings category that allows you to choose the device to be used with the BD Emulator. By working some files, flicking some settings, pressing some buttons and moving some stuff around, you’ll be able to get your choice of backup working.

The developer has posted that MLS 2012 works using this method. The catch is that files with the .edat update will not work unfortunately.

You can get everything you need and check out the tutorial below.

Source: PS3Hax

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