Could Ubisoft have revealed the PS4 Launch Date?

April 30, 2013

So with yesterday’s big news, Watch Dogs is set to release on all platforms (PC, Wii U, PS3, XBOX360 and PS4) on November 19th in North America. Watch Dogs was also confirmed as a launch title for the PlayStation 4 and for “other next gen platforms”, and there’s really only one left, the next XBOX. Could Ubisoft have just outed the PS4/XBOX release date? This is not the first time Ubisoft have done this. While in early 2012, ZombiU was in it’s final stages of development, a leaked notice emerged online giving ZombiU’s official release date, which later was confirmed to be the Wii U’s precise launch date. That was not the first time Ubisoft had done such a thing, as they had also done this with the Nintendo3DS Launch. Ubisoft’s leaked launch titles, including Rabbids: Travel in time 3D, Rayman 3D and Splinter Cell 3D, were also set at the launch date, and exposed the Nintendo3DS’ launch date early.

Now because this game is multi-platform, this is strong speculation for the time being. But as stated, would not be the first time Ubisoft has done this kind of thing. The big unveil of the actual unit itself is set to be on the big stage at E3 in June, next month. This comes to strong speculation as Microsoft have their conference set on May 21st at 10AM PDT to unveil the so called “XBOX Infinity”, another codename that has been leaked out to the public. The XBOX Infinity has been rumored to be released in November this year alongside the PS4.

With more details on Watch Dogs, the game is set to launch in the UK with four different editions. The Dedsec Edition includes a 23cm figurine. The Vigilante Edition includes Aiden Pearce’s cap and mask. The Uplay exclusive edition which will be exclusively available to purchase on Ubisoft’s digital distribution network. Ubisoft will send you a steelbook. And the Special Edition will include an extra single player mission.

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