Cronus Cross Compatibility Gaming Add On Review By GregoryRasputin

July 6, 2012

Last month i posted here about the Cronus device, since the the creator of the device contacted me and asked me to do a review, i was somewhat hesitant as im not much of a speaker, but i accepted and decided to do a review, what you will here is my voice and the device in action, here are some points and you will only get honesty from me:

  • The deliver was done by DHL, when it arrived i had to pay a customs fee of £14, which i don’t mind, perhaps this could be rectified in future sales somehow, so that customers of this device will not have to pay a fee.
  • The device i could only get running on the PS3, i could not get the Bluetooth devices to function properly or even at all, i emailed the creator of the device, so hopefully he can give me advice and i can add a second review.

Hopefully i will be able to show the Wii Mote and dual shock working on the 360, just waiting on a reply from the creator of the device, in the mean time check out some info:

What Does It Do.



Pre Order
I personally think the device is cool, it could do with a price cut and i would hold off on pre ordering until i get the Wii/PS3 pad working on 360.

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