Cross Console Bonus With Cronus

June 8, 2012

When you’re done leaving feedback on what you thought about E3 2012, have a gander at the video below, and tell me just how useful you will find this kickass accessory for the gamer with preference.

Cronus, the cross console USB device is set to release in about 2 or 3 months, and allows gamers of their preferred console to utilize their familiar controller on the opposing unit.  An easy example being PS3 gamers can use their controller on an Xbox 360 and vice versa.  Full features are in the video below, and the video below that one shows the hardware in action, with the Wii remote working on Xbox, and the PS3 and Xbox controllers working on their opposing consoles.

I may actually invest in one of these, (for around $50-$60) as I personally prefer a PS3 controller to the Xbox myself.  For other gamers, your preference is obviously up to you.  You can also utilize a keyboard and mouse, and other accessories advertised in the second video towards the end.

As always, I enjoy reading your feedback on these topics, so hit up the comments below on what you think!

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