Cross-play available between Nintendo & Sony consoles

October 28, 2013

While I was reading IGN this morning I read a very interesting article on cross-play. Personally, I think cross-play between different consoles could be a major feature for future gaming but it seems other companies have other ideas to make this happen much earlier. 

So, it looks that Nintendo has given permission to Ripstone, the studio behind Pure Chess, to make cross-play possible not only between the Wii U and the 2DS/3DS but also with the other platforms in which this game will be available, like the PS Vita or PlayStation 3. Sounds great, huh? This is very incredible because, even though this is not the first time a company gives permission to the game studio to do it (see Battlefield 4 or The Division between tablets and consoles), Nintendo is still a very locked company. And what do I mean by this? That the majority of games developed for Nintendo consoles are exclusive for them. See Pokemon, Mario, etc

So, with Nintendo giving a little boost to this, we still need to know what do Microsoft and Sony think about it, but because the architecture is “fairly” similar (as in game controls and game modes) there shouldn’t be any problem.

So, what do you think?

Source: ign

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