Crypter Tools Released

December 10, 2011

PsDev has another release called Crypter. Basically, you can decrypt and encypt any file, sign your own file with your own key, and if you have a key to another thing… lets say lv0, you could decrypt it.
PsDev, creator of many other programs comes to you with a package of tools the can encrypt and decrypt any file you want to with your own key . Here what he said


"This package of tools can encrypt and decrypt any file type, you can use you own key so no one can decrypt it. Unless they know the key. Note** you can only decrypt files that are encrypted that you did not create if you know the key for it, you cant randomly create a key and try to use it to decrypt it. There is and example folder inside the download too."

How to:







Note -- if the file has and extension on it ex: example.txt, you must add the .txt.

The Decrypter will say it was decrypted successfully but if you did not enter the right key you will get a file damage error, So enter the right key (One you use to encrypt the file with)

DOWNLOAD2shared – download Cypter


Encrypter Preview:

Decrypter Preview:

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p.s I did not want to win the contest(If i do) with some shit tool I made in 5 min that why i’m doing this now.

[You can VOTE FOR THE ENTRY, in PSX-Scene’s Monthly Contest]

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