Curious About Dumping The PS3 Memory? Memdump Makes It Easy!

May 13, 2012

You’ve seen the other dev release today and now thanks to an an0nym0us doner your memdump needs have been met.  Don’t know what that means?  Then read on and find out.

Who’s ready for for another big developer release? From an0nym0us is a tool called memdump.  But what does it do you may ask?  Well the answer is elegantly simple… it dumps your PS3’s memory.  How cool is that?  With the touch of a button you can now dump your lv1, lv2, NAND/NOR Flash and even eEID from GameOS with this one app.

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| memdump v0.01 |
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For all of you out there interested in, or already in the process of reverse engineering the
PS3, this new tool will make your life a whole lot easier! Now you can dump LV1, LV2, NAND/NOR
Flash and eEID from one tool! There have been methods in the past that accomplished the same
goals, but certainly the ease of use and speed hindered many. Of course, none had such a
beautiful user-interface either.

Place the necessary pkg file in the root of an empty USB flash dongle, and install like any
other pkg.

1. Place pkg on USB flash dongle.
2. Select “memdump” icon.
3. Select type of dump to perform once loaded.

The following buttons are mapped in the user interface:

  Dump LV1 memory
Dump LV2 memory
Dump FLASH storage
Dump eEID storage

SELECT cycle menus
UP cycle menus
DOWN cycle menus
LEFT cycle menus
RIGHT cycle menus

START exit


CEX or DEX PS3 fat or slim
MFW 2.70 – 3.55 (with LV2 peek/poke and LV1 hvcall 114 patches)
USB Flash drive (if no Flash drive is available, dumps will be stored in /dev_hdd0/tmp)


memdump is known to work on CEX or DEX PS3s running firmware versions above 2.70,
with or without OtherOS++ patches.

Bug Reports:

To submit a report of a bug, please join #memdump on EFNet, and have the log file ready.
You can find the log file where the files were dumped.


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