Dark Souls II Concept Art Emerges: Necromorphs belongs to dead space.

December 22, 2012

You gotta love Concept art on game, especially when it comes to Dark souls, we have some *pretty* scary/weird (i don’t know if it call them freak) monsters but this one in particular looks like a Necromoroph from Dead space series.
For Dark souls lovers, the second surely will blow your mind.

It’s guaranteed to be on the “most anticipated” list of a great many role-playing fans.

Despite the controversy surrounding the “more accessible” comments made by the new directors, we have every confidence that From Software will produce a worthyDark Souls sequel. And if you’d like an early peek, check out All Games Beta.

There you’ll find a bunch of concept art for Dark Souls II, which boasts all sorts of shadowy, otherworldly imagery, such as a two-headed skeleton horse, creatures that are clearly on fire, and others that strangely remind me of the Necromorphs in Dead Space. We’ve posted one image here; hit the link above to see all the artwork. There are different locations shown, too, and the first picture appears to boast a very open environment, doesn’t it…? It’s just concept art, though, so you can’t really make gameplay or structure predictions.

[Source] = PSXextreme

Dead space Necromorph:

This one is badass

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