Dark Souls II Will Remain True

April 11, 2013

Previously, new director Tanimura claimed that they wanted to focus on the game’s underlying concepts rather than the difficulty of the title itself, however a recent announcement from the game’s new director may put many fans at ease. Tanimura assured gamers with his most recent statement, saying that they will be focusing on the game’s difficulties and that they still wish to include the sense of accomplishment from overcoming challenges.

As well as this, Tanimura has said that the Dark Souls 2 will carry over several features from it predecessor, including Bonfires, Estus Flasks and the underlying combat system. When asked about the potential of new features within the game to pamper to a new audience, Tanimura replied… “I’m sure that for a lot of other game series and franchises, when you come up with a sequel you try to add on features, but what we really wanted to concentrate on is not really adding on new features for the new players, but to actually really emphasise the core underlying concepts that I just mentioned.”

This is fantastic news for those already fans of the franchise, as it looks like the new directors will be aiming to please the existing audience, rather than attracting new players.

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