DarkEboot Fixer Gets Its Update To 5.0

November 28, 2012

DarkGiovy has pushed out another update to his DarkEboot Fixer application for Windows computers. DarkEboot Fixer allows you to resign EBOOTs requiring up to firmware 4.31 for either the 3.55 or 4.xx custom firmwares. In version 5.0, DarkGiovy has added the ability to decrypt and encrypt SDAT files. Here are the release notes and changelog:

This is version 5.0 of my tool that with exploiting the new and the new 4.31 appldr key, will allow you to fix all eboot game requiring up to firmware 4.31 to be able to start on 3.55 CFW. The tool also provides several options that allow you to perform various operations without additional programs. Some games may require the fix file .sprx – .self or .edat.


  • Rewrote the system Fix option 2 now also supports the fix file .bin,.self & .SPRX also provides the tool by itself to recognize if the uploaded file is a NPDRM or APP fix and as such, by automatically the Content ID
  • Enter Content-ID Utility, you can find out the content of a PKG ID or file self (.bin / .sprx / .self)
  • Fixed a bug in the script fix the fix for CFW Eboot NPDRM 4.XX
  • Revised script for fixare (.bin / .sprx / .self) with KLicensee
  • Added option to create PKG for Debug console (DEX)
  • New extraction method PKG NPDRM
  • New option to automatically generate the file package.conf, you can now generate selecting a pkg file, or create it manually (When possible, I recommend you create starting from the original pkg)
  • Added option to resignare file (.bin / .sprx / .self) in NPDRM
  • Added option to sign PKG for Geohot CFW
  • Added option to remove the APP Version from PARAM.SFO
  • Added the ability to see the details of a file (.bin / .sprx / .self) and save them in a .txt file
  • Added options to decrypt and encrypt file .SDAT

You can download the latest version of DarkEboot Fixer below.

Download: DarkEboot Fixer v5.0

Source: darkgiovy via PS3Hax

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