DarkEboot Fixer Updated To v5.5

December 12, 2012

Among the EBOOT Resigner releases, DarkGiovy makes an update to his DarkEboot Fixer application for PCs. The majority of changes bought about by version 5.5 is related to the encryption and decryption of the SDAT. not only that, this new release makes use of the 4.31 appldr key, which allows you to fix EBOOTs requiring up to firmware 4.31, to work on 3.55. Take a look at the changelog:

  • Changed extraction method PKG, you can now extract any pkg without PKGView
  • Added possibility to automatically fix SDAT v3
  • Added another option to decrypt SDAT v3
  • Added a second option to encrypt the SDAT v3
  • Added option to fix the SDAT v4 (Requires CFW 4.XX)
  • Added ability to automatically fix a PKG file containing SELF and EBOOT.BIN and PARAM.SFO
  • The pkg will be extracted, fixed and recreated automatically!

You can download the latest version of the DarkEboot Fixer below.

Download: DarkEboot Fixer v5.5

Source: DarkGiovy Forums

Tags: darkeboot fixer, darkgiovy, PlayStation 3, PS3

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