DarkEboot Fixer v3.0 is a Complete Game Fix Solution

November 5, 2012

Have you been sitting around and waiting for your favorite hacking team to release their own 3.55 version of your favorite recent title? The chances are these days you just might be waiting a little bit longer because so many tools have been created that can get the job done for any average user looking to play more or less any game on the market. Inspired by the appearance of the 4.31 appldr key, this small and simple piece of software will take your eboot and make it fully operational on your treasured 3.55 console.

As far as operation goes, for most games the way this works is going to be pretty simple. All you have to do is take your game EBOOT.BIN and toss it into the folder with DarkEbootFixer.exe. Then the tool will give  you all kinds of conversion and fixing options to choose from. In a lot  of cases, just tapping 1 to convert into an EBOOT.ELF and then back into a .BIN should get the job done for you, but if not there are a few secondary options for you to try and get those failed boots going. If you find your game needs a .sprx .self or .edat, the program will have you covered and will even sign it for the firmware should all options fail. This is really a full featured numeric-based fixing option that should get all of your favorite games going. Who needs 4.30 CFW when you have options as solid as this one?


Tags: appldr key, darkeboot fixer, eboot, PS3 Hacks

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