DarkEboot Fixer v3.5 For 3.55 CFW

November 7, 2012

DarkGiovy is back with an update to DarkEboot Fixer. Version 3.5 tackles various bugs with the ‘alternative method” and SELF/SPRX files which could aid in better game patching for custom firmware 3.55 users. Also in this release is an option to auto fix PARAM.SFO files. This edits the PS3_SYSTEM_VER file making it compatible with firmware 3.41 and above.


Reading the comments from the previous release I noticed that this application does not patch all games. Also noted is it’s inability to patch SDAT files which we all know is required for certain games. With this in mind, give it another try and provide feedback to our fellow dashhacks members.

DarkEboot Fixer v3.5 Changelog:

  • Added option to fix automatically PARAM.SFO (Edit PS3_SYSTEM_VER to make it compatible with FW 3.41 and higher)
  • Fix bugs related to the alternative method of Fix EBOOT.BIN
  • Rewritten fix system file Self and SPRX
  • Fix bugs related fix files Self and SPRX
  • Updated system-Repack PKG
  • Minor bug fix

Download: DarkEboot Fixer v3.5

Source: DarkGiovy

Tags: cfw 3.55 eboot fixer, darkeboot fixer v3.5, darkglovy, eboot fix, eboot fixer

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