DashFAQs: How to Boot To Linux on Your PC in Minutes!

May 15, 2013

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 What Is YUMI, and What Does It Do?

I know we typically don’t handle PC stuff here on DashHacks, but since so many of you OFW users might be looking to see what Linux is all about, I thought I would share this cool little trick with you. Because flash drives are not exactly the easiest thing in the world to partition, YUMI is a software that allows you to boot several different applications in ISO format from the exact same drive. It creates what is essentially called a “multi-boot” flash drive. Only instead of requiring several steps, this little app will do the entire process for you in just a few minutes.

Linux Flash 

As part of the many incentives that YUMI offers, Ubuntu Linux is probably one of the most obvious. Linux is one of the fastest growing operating systems out there right now thanks to its functionality and lack of viruses. That means, installing a boot of it to your flash drive can be of big help if you are looking to keep your computer safe. Not to mention that there is a whole community of users that have created some amazing Linux programs that you can try out. Other than that, YUMI also offers a series of other tools that can be used for such tasks as data recovery, password cracking, as well as virus removal. In short, the benefits here are pretty much endless.

If I’ve done well enough to convince you to move on, I’ll commence with the installation steps on the next page!

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