DashHacks At E3 For 2013

May 27, 2013

With E3 coming up in just over two weeks time, I’ve managed to get myself access into what will be the biggest E3 for years to come. I will be in the expo for the 3 days (11-13 of June) representing DashHacks and covering everything I can throughout the course of the event.

Having the opportunity to get a hands on with the PS4 as well as the Xbox One at the venue specifically for DashHacks and my YouTube channel is a huge first for both myself and the website (have any previous DashHacks writers attended E3?).

It goes without saying that I won’t waste this opportunity, and I thank Caputo Media for the chance to write for DashHacks, which in turn has gotten me a spot in the biggest electronics expo for 2013.

If there is anything specific that you, the readers would like DashHacks to cover then please leave suggestions down below in the comments. It has a large character limit for a reason!

I will also be covering PAX in Melbourne, as well as EB Expo in Sydney Australia, but that’s something for me to talk about closer to the relative dates.

I hope you all enjoy the written and video coverage that’s to come at E3 for 2013, and until then keep up to date with all the latest news at DashHacks either through our Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages found at the top of the site!

Chris Holmes – HolmesInFive

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