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November 30, 2012

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5.  Comgenie’s Awesome Filemanager 0.06


In the early days of the PS3 scene, having to alter the file structure of the PS3 was a kind of annoying job. You had to leave your console, hop on the nearest computer, and use the FTP transfer protocol to make any sort of changes that lay just a little bit beyond the basic GUI of the XMB. About two years ago, Comgenie changed that for us with his amazing file management suite. Sure it may not have all the fun bells and whistles of a homebrew game, but the bottom line is this is a software that knows how to get the job done.

So why did you all love version 0.06 so much in particular? Well for one, this is still one of the more trusted .pkg install tools around. Not to mention the sheer functionality of just moving your files around freely from one direction to another is just going to attract people. It’s a part of the scene that we all have to deal with at one time or another. Still, maybe what’s most important is that this version launched Awesome Filemanager on the latest 4.30 CFWs. If you were going to make the jump to the next option, it’s clear that you all couldn’t do so without a trusty file manager.

If you’ve ever had any problems fixing your files the next download on the list will help make your life much easier.

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