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February 5, 2013

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¬†Captain CPS-X’s RetroArch 0.9.8 Mod

There’s no denying that emulation is probably one of the single biggest draws behind modding your PS3. Once you’ve played through all of those real-game backups you’ve got, sometimes there can be no greater joy than sitting around that big screen and reliving some of the best days that this industry has to offer. For this reason, the multi-functional RetroArch emulator has become a real scene standard for its ability to play most of the classics all within one single application.


Still, even in its base form, there are sometimes those odds and ends systems that the project’s many cores may not cover. That is when mods can come into play. Brought to us by a very talented user known as Captain CPS-X, this revised build offers all of the features you love plus the addition of the FB_Alpha core to allow for the play of classic arcade games from a variety of machine types. If you’re still more into home console stuff though, there is also an SNES9X_NEXT core as well which may improve the experience you have when playing SNES games. Lastly, small bugs have also been fixed to allow for more functional loading of ROMs from external locations like multiMAN. For those with a love of the arcade, here is a mod worth considering.

Next in our list is a popular mainstay that has dominated our charts since week one!

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