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January 22, 2013

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MFW Builder v0.3


If you’re a true blue PS3 hacker chances are you probably like to customize every inch of your console. For those types of people comes a download from cfwprophet called MFW Builder. Essentially the program operates just like you would imagine it might by allowing its users to more or less create their own builds of custom firmware based on their own individual needs. Want to name your icons anything you like or swap in a new look for the XMB? The choice is your to do so with software like this. The developer has also included a handy batch of tools as well to make sure that all of your conversions and file-based issues can be solved.

MFW Builder

So what’s the biggest addition to version 0.3? How does support for the 4.XX environment sound? That’s right folks. Now you’ll be able to make your own firmware that matches the very latest that Sony can offer you. In addition to that major support, there are also some new tools to speak of like “new_pkg” which will generate a .spkg to match any .pkg you throw at it. Scetool has also been added for all of your SELF related actions. For users that may not be so advanced, checks have been put in place to prevent problems, and for developers you can easily import your current firmware into this utility to make changes. There’s a lot to love for everybody here!

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