deank Drops Another multiMAN 04.20.04 With Full Support For The 4.40 CFWs

March 23, 2013

If you have been checking for the latest update to multiMAN right from the backup manager itself, you may have been confused to see that there is version 04.20.04 available for download, if you already have that version installed from earlier in the month. Have no worries though, as it’s not a mistake. (Well, maybe the version number is but not the release itself) With the new 04.20.04, support for the lineup of 4.40 custom firmwares released (and to be be released) has been added. For those who made the jump to MiralaTijera‘s 4.40 custom firmware released yesterday, you can get back to using the goodies that multiMAN provides to you.

You can download the latest version by using the integrated updater or from the WEB column within multiMAN, or manually downloading it below. As always, you will need the 04.20.00 BASE version (or higher) installed prior to installing this version.

Download: multiMAN 04.20.04

Source: PS3Crunch

Tags: backup manager, deank, homebrew, mm, multiMAN, PlayStation 3, PS3

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