Deank Rolls Out multiMAN v04.11.12

November 17, 2012

With this release you get improved FTP as he has added an additional eight simultaneous transfers, no more file by file transfers. Also mentioned is a hint to a possible custom firmware 4.30. (Can we see a future Rebug 4.30?) Deank has implemented support for LV1 peek/poke syscalls and the ability to change Blu Ray Movie regions. Also included is an unofficial update to Showtime Media Player.


  • Fixed LV1 peek/poke for 4.21REX in DEX mode + DEX lv2_kernel
  • Added back IDPS display in “System Information”
  • Added preliminary support for 4.30CFW with LV1 peek/poke syscalls (sc 8/9) or lv1 mmap patch (hvsc 114) (if such CFW is released then direct-disc-access/PS1 disc backups should work)
  • Increased number of supported simultaneous FTP transfers to 8
  • FTP user/password can be anything
  • Added support for “Change BD-Movie Region” function for 4.30CFW
  • Updated Showtime to 04.01.224

In the downloads below you will find a version for retail CEX CFW consoles and a Debug/DEX version for those running converted DEX consoles.

Download: multiMAN ver 04.11.12 BASE CEX | multiMAN ver 04.11.12 BASE DEX

Source: ps3crunch via psx-scene

Tags: deank, multiMAN, ps3 backup manager, ps3 custom firmware 4.30, ps3 ftp, showtime for multiman

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