[Debunk] E3 Statements?.. TB officialy dead plus Infinity Dongle Fiasco.

September 6, 2012

E3 TEAM: Debunk

You may remember E3 statements back on 30/07/2012 with their ludicrous words they said:

All PS3 Game EBOOTS for FREE. Will NOT require dongle.
Keys (not specified up to which firmware yet, assuming up to latest firmware 4.x) to users can decrypt their own games.

In the same post they stated too:

E3TEAM are building a full new system to release those free gift . We expect user can join this sytem to
get what they want after 1-2 month. We will release more news about this system later.

Well we are on September and NO news from them.
Let’s go deeper into the information we have on HAX.

  • 08/07/2012 = DEX conversion method get’s *Leaked* 

Funny tough that in some part E3 made their move because they possibly knew that the DEX conversion was coming out and i wonder if they knew something about 3.60 keys…


They failed to deliver and failed in what their own statement about deliver FREE content and methods plus FREE eboots from their side.
I don’t know what happened to this *TEAM* but something im sure they talk BIG but didn’t do anything to keep us updated with REAL info, maybe for their poor sales on E3 flashers and KITS.
I really don’t know the reason or how to justify their words when they can’t even backup their own.

[Source] :

E3 team statement about FREE eboots

DEX conversion method leaked


TB Debunk:

27/06/2012 some user reported that TB was no longer in production.

With some kind of  empty *promise* to their own costumers delivering a *newest* replacement of  this DRM dongle with better security measures on JULY.

Sadly for the costumers this never happened and even TB dongle was removed from sites like lightake as many others.

Months of silence, no official reports. (Only lightake ones).
Something *funny* happened here too ;)

  • 15/08/2012 = Duplex manages to *CRACK* TB dongle and the massive wave of patches start to skyrocket all over the scene boards.
  • 24/08/2012 = Shadoxi releases an ELF Dumper, so we can dump TB eboots.


So much time being idle, cost them more than we think. The new VERSION of the TB never saw the light so they don’t give (until today) a damn about their own costumers. Plus they got PWNED from every possible angle. First DUPLEX, then Shadoxi with a method to dump TB eboots.
So far so good, they messed up to never return again to the scene (i hope so).

[Source] :


Method to dump TB eboots by Shadoxi


Infinity DONGLE Fiasco:

While we were expecting some news from BOTH teams some dongle leak was posted called INFINITY. If we search the dates we will found something interesting.
A nice site mounted on JOOMLA (half complete) was online to everyone to see (and still is online) claiming that they were MATRIX team.
Problem was the INFINITY of NONSENSE that they said: (Including a Chart of possible working games with this device)
To quote:

This morning we got informed from our hacking stuff supplier that is Matrix Team is going to announce a new PS3 dongle in few days. It is named “Infinity USB” and runs existing and new v3.6+ games from HDD in conjunction with standard backup managers.

Remember when i said and most of you saw that TB team promised something for JULY and nothing happened…well:

  • 7/7/2012 =  This info appeared on most of PS3 news sites. On July??..Yeah on July when TB team *promised* a new release of another DRM dongle with better security and improvs.
  • 11/7/2012 =   Image of Beta packaging gets leaked (im the one who posted it here).


Well was a fiasco, even with their site (cool enough) the problem with this FAKE DRM DONGLE was they used as registrant entity = MATRIX TEAM.
Opa’s dongle lover contacted MATRIX team and they said that MATRIX was NO WAY AFFILIATED with this new dongle.
Remarking that such device NEVER existed, only the dummy website that includes a NICE GUIDE to install this NON-EXISTANT product.

[Source] :

New dongle = Infinity info leaked (Rumour)

Infinity dongle BETA packaging



08/07/2012 = DEX conversion method get’s *Leaked* 

1/8/2012 = 3.60 keys got leaked and confirmed working with the help of euss.

15/8/2012 = DUPLEX cracks TB dongle.

So…What you think about this?. And no..it’s not a WHOIS investigation.



This is not NEWS it’s an article if you don’t like it, you are free to express your anger or you can choose to ignore it. If not continue reading and comment what you think about ALL of this. Timestamp used from the BOARD so is *Day/Month/Year*.

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