Deroad Updates NoRSX for PC and PS3

January 9, 2013

If you’re completely out of the loop when it comes to all this graphical stuff NoRSX is a pretty well coded 2D graphics library for use with PSL1IGHT. If you happen to be a developer that uses the popular independent PS3 SDK, this new addition to the awesome tools you already have just might be exactly what you need. Obviously getting 3D apps and games to run well hasn’t exactly been a popular part of our scene, so this library could be of good use to anyone developing just about anything from games to menus from your PC or PS3.

In terms of features in this build, both the PS3 and PC versions of NoRSX now have a brand new method to resizing images to work within your interface. With the added work deroad has done, your GUIs not only look better, but will look more professional in a much easier fashion. For those of you that love this developer’s work on PSChannel, the use of this graphics option in particular will give you a clue as to the kind of programs that have been used to compile such an awesome app. Especially if you’re a developer, this build of NoRSX should not be ignored.


Tags: deroad, norsx, PS3 Hacks, PS3 SDK, PSL1GHT

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