deroad Updates noRSX Graphics Library

June 28, 2012

deroad is back with a new update to his noRSX graphics library for the PSL1GHT SDK. If you need to get some graphics added to the homebrew that you’re working on, then this will do it for you.

The new v0.1.1 update brings in a lot of performance fixes as well as the ability to use the PS3 fonts. Not only that, you’ll be able to predefine the resolution that your homebrew uses. Alongside this release, deroad has announced that he will be working on a noRSX emulator for the computer. With this, you can see the graphics laid out before you add them to your homebrew. That will be available soon.

In the meanwhile, you can download the latest version of noRSX below.

Download: noRSX Graphics Library v0.1.1

Source: PSX-Scene

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