Develop For The OUYA And Win A Competition! But Hurry! You Don’t Have Long!

March 10, 2013

According to the official OUYA blog, you can now develop for that thing the size of a mug.

The game company who pretty much made Kickstarter more famous than it was already, are doing a contest in which you can upload your game at for your game to be a part of the OUYA itself, so your game you made will be on the store for the mug owners to play ( even the early backers) .

Here’s the awesome bit. When your games have passed the test of the boring stuff like copyright, malware, real world violence etc.

( Okay, it’s not boring, read the content review & guidelines here) Your game will be on the store, and you will also be entered into the competition!

The competition goes like this, the top 3 games that have racked up the most hours in gameplay within the first 6 weeks will be a part of a documentary made my OUYA, with you describing what you went through to make your game so awesome.

The competition ends on March 28th

Okay, I know that you won’t read the content review and guidelines, so just read them

Hate Speech: Do not promote hatred toward an individual
or group of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age,
veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity in your game. If you do, we’ll reject it.

Violence: Do not encourage real word violence, in any way.

Sexually Explicit Content: Don’t go overboard on nudity or obscene
references… you know what we mean.

Misrepresentation (of your Game or Yourself): Be who you say you are.
Don’t confuse gamers by being “like” other games.

Intellectual Property: Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of
others including patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and all other proprietary rights.

Dangerous Products: Do not transmit viruses, worms, malware, or any
other items that may harm gamers or the OUYA platform.

Illegal Activities: Use good judgment and do not break the law.

OUYA Trademark: You can use the OUYA name, logo, and trademark,
but you have to respect that these are OUYA’s intellectual property, so we want you to use
them in a way that accurately portrays that your game is on OUYA.

Here are a few example of contest entries:

Personally, I think someone will make an emulator that re-awakens Mr. Nostalgiathat. That is what will win.

In my opinion, I think Wololo should upload Wagic. Don’t you agree?

Will you be developing for the OUYA?
If you wish to learn programming, I learnt from this website:
My brother once developed a couple of games on android using JAVA so I suggest you
learn that if you want to develop a game for the mug.

Also, I need to apologize about my previous article regarding the OUYA . Thanks to one of our /talk members, he pointed out that the bit in the middle of the controller was in fact a touchpad.

It is a touchpad used for games for when a controller doesn’t quite cut it.
Thanks ‘sonofskywalker3′ you have an awesome name.

Poorly photoshopped by me, I know,

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