Devil May Cry Eboot Fix for CFW

January 14, 2013

Since the PS3 was cracked with CFW that became available and launchers and managers of our backup PS3 games where devised we have had to wait for developers to crack/fix the eboots associated with our game backups to be playable on our 3.41 and 3.55 CFW. Although we have seen a more recent CFW become available a few months ago there are still many of you that are using the older 3.55 CFW (I’m one of them.)

Devil May Cry is set to launch tomorrow but thanks to some clever work from EXEtrimALL there is already a fix to make this highly anticipated game playable on your 4.30 and your legacy 3.41/3.55 CFW enabled PS3. We all know there are tons of fans of the Devil May Cry franchise and whether or not you like the character in the this reboot of the series most of you are still going to play it, so grab the fix quick so you can start playing.


(BLES01698) Fix for CFW 3.41/3.55: Download


(BLES01698) Fix for CFW 4.30: Download



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