DEX’ed Showtime By andbey0nd

August 31, 2012

It was just the other day that I told you just about all current and new applications/homebrew will run on PlayStation 3 debug/DEX converted consoles. I mentioned this in the multiMAN DEX article here. Recent news also gave you the updated and stable release of Showtime Media Player version 4.0. My words are not even cold! PlayStation 3 developer andbey0nd has released a DEX version of the latest Showtime build for those enjoying their DEX love.


How to:

  • Install “Showtime 04.00.000 [DEX].pkg”

  • Start it from “TV/Video” column – it will return to XMB after initial processing (it will happen only the first time you start it after installation)

  • Start it again and enjoy andoma’s great work

A recap for those running DEX. The below highlights Showtime Media Player 4.0 features.

  • New UI design
  • Self upgrade of both Showtime itself (only on PS3) and all plugins (all platforms)
  • Automatically load metadata from
  • Improved support for subtitles (in particular external ASS/SSA files and vobsub files)
  • Support for on screen keyboard on PS3
  • Buttons on PS3 dual shock controller have changed their meaning a bit: See PS3 usage guide for details
  • Each focusable item have a dedicated popup menu (Use □ button on dual shock controller for this)
  • File browsing will sort folders first and then files. Sorting can be adjusted in the per page menu (△ on dual shock controller)
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • + more stuff I’ve forgotten

Download: Showtime Media Player 4.0 DEX

Source: ps3crunch via psx-scene

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