Did you find the PSN code Easter eggs? Here’s where they were hidden so far. More on the way!

April 4, 2014

Hey people! As you probably know by now, we’re having an Easter Egg Hunt here at wololo.net, and will be giving away a total of $1000 in PSN codes, concluding the Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday (4/20) with a bang. We’ve hidden $100 worth of “Easter Eggs” so far. Did you find them? Here’s where they could be found:


Hidden text! Fancy!


Did you find this one?

All of that first batch of eggs was found already, you guys were fast! By the end of the first day, I believe only one of them was remaining, and it got quickly found too.

That’s a total of $100 so far, I hope you’re enjoying this contest. Now that you’re getting a sense of how this works, I’ll be accelerating things a little bit, and probably make a few of these more difficult to find. We still have $900 to give away before we reach the $1000 grand total, and will be hiding more eggs on the site very soon, so stay tuned, and be sure to regularly browse the following sections on our site:

A side note: some people have been questioning if this giveaway is a prank.

To the naysayers, I’d ask to check again the history of this site: last year I gave away close to $500 (either as donations to hackers, or in PSN Code giveaways) and an effing PS4 to one of my twitter followers! In 2011, I organized a Homebrew contest with $5000 in cash prizes. Every month we give away $60 in our tutorial contest. I do that type of thing regularly, so this Easter Egg Hunt shouldn’t come up as a shock to people who visit this site: this is one of the ways I promote my website. I can afford to do that type of giveaway thanks to the people who have been regularly visiting this site for the past years (you!) and I would never think of breaking this long term trust, there would be no logical reason for me to do that.

So if you do find some of the eggs and redeem those codes, please leave a thank you message, either on the forums, or in the comment section on this blog, or on twitter/facebook. This is all I ask. People confirming that they redeemed the codes is the only way I can really prove this is real. Thanks for your support!

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