Do It Yourself Dawnguard DLC

December 3, 2012

The linked video below is the aforementioned smart cookie playing Skyrim with the Dawnguard DLC installed on his PS3. Now while this DLC has been ported, a few quotes from UnknownArchive state that “It is quite real. Buggy as shit, and some parts flat out don’t work, but it is running on ps3.”  Now for some, this may not be good enough.  For many though, the fact that one man has managed to actually show more progress than the creators of the game itself is just downright embarrassing for Bethesda, and impressive work from UnknownArchive.

The best comment from the creator after being asked how he did it is as follows:  “very minimal work. Added the pc DLC to ps3 via ftp and added it like ps3 dlc. And if you read what I just said out loud it’s funny as hell.”

You can see the video demo of the DLC here.  It goes for about an hour, but you only need to see the first 2 minutes to get the idea.

If you had the know-how and the files needed to pull off this port, would you take advantage of it?  Or are you one to wait for a 100% guaranteed working creation of DLC?  Myself and the comment box want to know!

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