Do you need a new exploit release?

April 10, 2014

Even though it’s only been targeting the PSP emulator so far, the Vita scene has been pretty lively over the past 2 years. With about 20 exploits released over the past 24 months, including 2 major “eCFW” releases (one around Christmas 2012, the other one in December last year), believe it or not, the Vita scene is actually releasing more exploits than the PSP scene used to, which is unfortunately the result of these exploits being such short-lived…

To counter the hack, Sony typically remove the exploited games within 48h of our announcements. To mitigate that, we announce the exploits secretly to our community through a process we call “ninja releases“.

For the people on 3.10 or 3.12 who are not lucky enough to have access to the latest VHBL exploit (JP only, up to firmware 3.12!), the question most people want to be answered now is if and when the next exploit will be released.

I have enough data now to estimate that more than 10% of the PSP games have an exploitable vulnerability in the form of a buffer overflow or similar simple flaws. So user mode exploits are not the problem here, but kernel exploits are much more rare.

Porting usermode exploits to VHBL is not extremely difficult, but the results vary depending on the exploited game. And VHBL is limited in the homebrews it supports because it is usermode. That being said, VHBL generally supports the most popular homebrews and emulators.

Image thanks to whitehawk on neogaf

Image thanks to whitehawk on neogaf

The question for the community here is, should we try to have more VHBL releases in the months to come? Is it worth it? Should we wait?

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